Hyever 10 Pairs Sectional Sofa Furniture Connector Stainless Steel Photo Frame Bracket 2.08×1.18×0.08 Inch

Sectional Sofa Connectors:

Dimensions: 53mm × 30mm × 2mm (L×W×T)
Package include: 10 pairs(20pcs)
Material: Stainless Steel

These interlocking clamps are great way to keep sectional couch to together.
Applicable to Couch, Loveseat, Recliner, Chair or Chaise Lounge Sections of Large or Small Sectionals.

Installation Tips:

These sectional are pretty sturdy and relatively simple to use.When installing,just take your time when measuring + marking and be careful that you get them in the correct spot. These sectional sofa connectors are a life saver. You no longer have to chase your couch around the room. They are easy to install and easy to connect and disconnect. Suitable for many wooden furniture and your wall.

Product Features

  • Product Name: Sofa Connector; Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 53mm × 30mm × 2mm (L×W×T); Package include: 10 pairs(20pcs)
  • All of the section hardware are made of stainless steel, extremely sturdy and durable for longtime use
  • Stable and stronge stainless steel sofa connector; Easy to install,
  • Heavy Duty Construction to Securely Hold Your Sectional (Installing screws are not include)