Lane Home Furnishings 1407 Stallion 1317-21 Recliner, Tan

Stallion comfort King rocker recliner lives up to its name; it’s masculine, sturdy, strong. The comfort King design supports up to 500 pounds on a heavy-duty steel frame. It offers an extra-tall seat back and chair Height for taller people, and it reclines to a full 79 inches – almost the length of a king-size mattress. Power is now available on all comfort King recliners. An added bonus: it’s a wall saver.

Product Features

  • All-steel box and floor base with drop in cool seating system and substantial cushioning
  • Almost the length of a king-size mattress when fully reclined
  • Supports up to 500lbs
  • 7 Gauge Steel reclining mechanism
  • Welded Steel Coil base Spring system