Romatpretty Leather Sofa ,Reclining Sofa Set Of 3 Pleated Lines With Bronze Rivets Adjus Comfortable Angle At Will Steel Frame Material Breathing Leather Swing Freely ,Set Living Room Multi-Functiona

We faux leather sofa reclining focus on every detail of the sofa chair, The French-style multi-functional sofa chair designed combines American minimalism,Ergonomic design allows the user’s neck, waist, shoulders and legs to be fully relaxed It’s 110 to 160 can be adjusted, whether you want to sit or lie down , it also can be easily to retracted, and the single chair can be swing freely when you are tired. Use the handle to open the pedal and you can adjust the comfortable angle at will; the steel frame is the alloy steel frame that can be used for a longer period of time. Product Details ● Leather material:: Breathing leather ● Design: Standard ● Assembly Required: Yes

Product Features

  • Comfortable enjoy yourself:The alloy steel frame of the Recliner Couch and the high density sponge of the leather sofa will give you the best support
  • Easy to use:The recliner sofa is very adjustable and almost put you in a near horizontal position. You only need to pull the switch on the recliner couch lightly
  • Easy to through the door:The base of the Leather Sofa easily fit through the door with no problems, sofa Leather Sofa Recliner Couch Reclining sofa manual
  • Easy to assemble:No tools are needed to assemble the recliner sofa and assemble the leather sofa only takes less than 30 minutes.How easy assemble of the recliner couch
  • Save the space:the recliner sofa takes almost no wall space to recline,you can still recline fully on the leather sofa,manual reclining sofa recliner sofa Leather Sofa